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Dog Toy Tester

Starting Now...Become a "Dog Toy Tester"
You could qualify for 50% off your dog toys just for offering your dogs services to test our products and filling out an online product review after you test each toy. 
How Does the Dog Tester Program Work?
The dog toy tester program works like a toy of the Month Club. We will ship you a new toy to test each month, and instead of you paying full price for your toy you will get the toy at up to 50% off. On top of your toy discount you will get to create a profile of your dog with pictures of your dog and your dog will be featured on our website as one of our honored toy testers. We have four programs that you can sign up for:

1. Dog Tester - Toy of the Month - Agree to a new toy every month and get 50% off each toy tested.
2. Dog Tester- Bi Monthly- Agree to get a New toy every 2 months and get 45% off each toy tested.
3. Dog Tester-Quarterly - Agree to get a New toy every 3 months and get 40% off each toy tested.
4. Dog Tester-Tri-Annual - Agree to get a New toy every 4 months and get 30% off each toy tested.
Note: You are allowed to test multiple products if have multiple dogs, or if you want to sign up a family member or friend you can have multiple enrollments.
Once you have signed up, a button called "WISH LIST" will appear under the "ADD to CART" button. Next,  you will shop the site and choose the products you want to test and add them to your dog toy tester wishlist. You will select the ship month for each product you will be testing.  When the times comes for us to ship your next toy to test, we will select the toys from your wishlist. IF you have not selected any items on your wishlist we will choose a toy for you. If you have items on your wishlist but do not have items for the current ship date we will simply ship the toy selected for the next closest ship date on your wishlist.

Shipping Charges will be discounted Flat Rate shipping charge, if you are in the contiguous 48 states of the USA. Outside this area you will pay standard shipping rates published by UPS.
After you test the toy you will be asked to login and answer 3 or 4 questions and rate your experience. It's that simple ! We have so many toys coming out each month that we need help testing them.
What a great way to get a  huge discount and know that your dog helped determine the design of a toy!
If you are interested in this program please click MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page and go to TOY TESTER.  

NOTE: You can cancel your enrollment at any time by clicking my account, toy tester, the Cancel Program button and submitting your request.