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Tanner & his big brother Trevor

I just want to play with something

I'm sorry

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Breed: Golden Retriever
Birthday: 2010-02-08 Aquarius
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Weight: 57
Occupation: Companion, house pet, little brother
Naughtyest thing ever done: chewed leg of jewelery cabinet
Likes: Food!!, rocks, twigs, paper, wood, toys & anything that moves on ground, his 9 yr old big brother and his humans. He can chew right through the hardest plastic toy.
Dislikes: When humans are not home
About: 6 month old typical Golden that likes to play, chew, love and lots of sleep. As he is getting older, he is even more courious about some things and gets into things he shouldn't but he is still in training and we will keep it up until us humans learn

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