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"TUFF" Scale

4 Months old and first time at the lake

Not sharing the new toys!

I LOVE this! So many squeakers!

Team Tug With Ripple

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Breed: CHesapeake Bay Retriever
Birthday: 2013-10-04 Libra
Astrological sign: Libra
Gender: Male
Weight: 80
Occupation: Retriever/Sniffer/Swimmer/Dock Diver
Naughtyest thing ever done: He pleads the 5th with his attorney's direction
Likes: Treats, busting through waves, retrieving ANYTHING, chasing birds, chasing squirrels, sticks, the beach, the pond, the lake, the water dish - WATER, jumping on dad's bed to wake him up, and giving mom hugs.
Dislikes: motor cycles, skateboards, trucks, THUNDER, and being left alone.
About: Winchester is an awesome, fun, hard working, dedicated, Chesapeake Bay retriever who just loves life.

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