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Breed: Husky
Birthday: 2006-10-06 Libra
Astrological sign: Libra
Gender: Male
Weight: 75
Occupation: Big Brother
Naughtyest thing ever done: tore up carpet completly
Likes: He loves going on walks/runs, swimming in the river, and playing with his bother, sister, and cousin. Car rides are fun if the windows down and those usually mean some where fun when we get there. favorite game ever is chase, we chase him and he chases u
Dislikes: he doesnt like when you make him do things, like lay down, or move him from my spot in the bed when its time to go to bed. He crys like a baby. and after he does something bad he hides because he doesnt like being yelled at, he wont look at you.
About: He is the oldest of the dogs, so he very smart and uses that to his advantage. He knows that if he is bad to do it when no one is home because we cant prove who really did it. Even though we know the truth. He is a total mamas boy and some times gets jealous when the other dogs are taking time away from him. but he is also very indepedent.

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