Sean McLeod


Chandler, Arizona, United States


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Sean McLeod

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Breed: Scottish Terrier
Birthday: 2008-01-01 Capricorn
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Gender: Male
Weight: 19
Occupation: Scottish Terrier - Destroyer of the Universe
Naughtyest thing ever done: Beats up his friends and steals their toys
Likes: Sean likes to destroy toys - any kind of toys, or, when no toys are available, shoes, furniture, clothes and socks. He is a rescue Scottie and is still in his wild child phase.
Dislikes: Absolutely no criticism.
About: Sean is an 18 month old Wheaten Scottish Terrier who was rescued from a breeder mill in Texas in December of 2008. He is a beautiful Wheaten Scottish Terrier. Sean has four Scottie friends here at home, all of whom are rescues to. His favorite pal is Duncan, 3 year old.

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