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"TUFF" Scale

Tavis at 4 months, with his fave toy of the moment

Tavis enjoying a hiking trip.

Notice the size comparison between my puppy and a full grown man!

Tavis and his sister Roxy when I first brought them home.

All worn out

6 month reunion since birth

Roxy looks up at her big brother Tavis

Tavis doing a little babysitting.

Photo Comments

  • Though only 4 months old in this picture, he should reach full size by December. A whopping 130 pounds![x]
  • Tavis had a reunion with his sister Roxy yesterday. First time they've seen each other since I brought them home 6 months ago.[x]
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Breed: Great Pyrenees
Birthday: 2012-06-27 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Weight: 65
Occupation: my soft shoulder to lean on.
Naughtyest thing ever done: snuck under my dresser during the night and chewed up a shoe
Likes: Playing fetch. Toys that hold replaceable water bottles in them. Going on long walks and hiking. Loves to play in the snow.
Dislikes: Baths, extreme Kansas heat. He'll take A/C anyday! Toys that only hold up a short time. Anytime I'm not home.
About: Tavis is my 4th Great Pyrenees. I love this breed because they are so loyal, gentle and beautiful. I don't mind the extra vacuuming because he sheds in the summer. Good with children, full grown, they love to give rides for small kids. Seems to sense that babies aren't to be played with. Knows the difference between his toys and the kids toys. I couldn't ask for a better "best friend". ♥

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