(Leeloo Dallas Multipass)

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States


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Breed: Pit Bull
Birthday: 2010-08-01 Leo
Astrological sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Weight: 37
Occupation: Destroyer of worlds, or at least world shaped objects that are small enough for her to destroy
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chased the cats through the tiny cat door
Likes: Belly rubs, Tennis balls, Treats, Running, Hiking, Chasing Squirrels, Veggies mixed into her food
Dislikes: Vitamins mixed into her food, Bug repellent, Nail clipping, Ear cleaning, Tooth brushing, Sitting still for longer than 30 seconds
About: Leeloo is a rescue from the Brooklyn AC&C, now she loves getting outdoors hiking, walking through the park, fetching sticks (& turning them into wood chips), and living the good life. On the 1-10 "Tuff Scale" on this site, she's rated 12. That's why she's a destroyer of worlds. ;)

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