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Sedro Woolley, Washington, United States


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Breed: Newfie, Border Collie & Great Pyr
Birthday: 2009-04-22 Taurus
Astrological sign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Weight: 45
Occupation: She is the family momma
Naughtyest thing ever done: She climbs over fences when she thinks we aren't looking, then jumps back over into the yard when we call.
Likes: Long hikes, being anywhere with family, attention, figuring out toys, playing at the dog park, racing around under/over and through everything, swimming, being groomed, attention, playing football/frisbee/soccer...
Dislikes: being home alone & staying in her yard.
About: Lucy is a very brillant dog. She learns commands at the drop of the hat. She is very much a working dog and will start scent training and agility training this month. She has a very playful and happy personality. Her love for her family is why we call her Momma. When we go for a hike we all hike at different paces, Lucy will run between each family member just to check in. She is happiest by my son's side although he isn't a big dog person.

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