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Sophia our 4 year old tomboy

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Breed: Reverse Brindle Boxer
Birthday: 2008-04-10 Aries
Astrological sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Weight: 65
Occupation: Giving Joy
Naughtyest thing ever done: Stealing different things outside, any items delivered that she can carry, all types of items (tools, gloves, etc), from garage if left open, only to run off and chew them up. This is her mission, LOL.
Likes: Everything, toys, squeaky toys, tugs, tether ball, people young and old, being pushy, hugs, kisses, driving in the truck, play, play, & more play.
Dislikes: Neighbor next door, and his son. Very mean, cruel, and taunts all my dogs who are extremely well behaved, and contained on my 1-1/2 acre of property.
About: Sophia is a ball of energy, she can run and play all day with our three other pups & myself, yet never seems to tire. she is very affectionate to all, and is just a happy go lucky, little wiggly butt all the time.

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