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Skye, The Snow Bunny....

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Breed: Blue Nose, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Birthday: 2009-05-24 Gemini
Astrological sign: Gemini
Gender: Female
Weight: 72
Naughtyest thing ever done:
Likes: Tether Ball, Balls, Tug toys, Squeaky toys, her Family (K9 & Human). Nose work (finding it). really obsessed with balls yet we can not find an indestructible tether ball, or any other ball for that matter. Skye love to play, and retrieve her toy for us. L
Dislikes: Industrial settings, large crowds, clanging metal bowls, Loud Rap music, gates, large number of unfamiliar dogs. Anything that would trigger the memory of a dog fighting ring.
About: Skye is one of my beautiful rescues, she came to me very thin, bald and raw from being riddled with mange. She has a scar under the lower end of her body, which extends from one back leg to the other, this is from being pinned up by a metal wire to try and get her to fight. She wouldn't, so they tossed her out of a moving car in front of the rescue shelter. The rescue was having an event at the time, and witnessed this. I am thankful they tossed her, instead of ending her life. She is the most loving girl, and so grateful to be in her home.

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