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Breed: Husky Mix
Birthday: 2011-03-19 Pisces
Astrological sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Weight: 47
Occupation: My velcro buddy and pestering Bailey
Naughtyest thing ever done: Destroying my mattress pad while still in her kennel (pure talent really)
Likes: Kahlua loves everything and everyone. 2 legged or 4 legged it makes no difference. Absolutely loves water - in ANY form. Long runs, hiking, going to the park, running next to the longboard or bike or rollerblades, camping etc this girl screams take me for
Dislikes: She can be picky when it comes to dog food. I have had to switch types several times and try all sorts of tricks and gravy. She is nervous about car rides sometimes and doesnt trust the vet a single ounce (I dont blame her lol)
About: Kahlua has one big personality. She will test any one the second she meets them with a varied array of naughty behavior (jumping up and being mouthy...). She has quite the collection of facial expressions and shes not afraid to use them. One of her quirks is how she likes her belly rubs - she likes them standing with one hind leg lifted. Things made of wood or plastic are her absolute favorite toy. The louder and crunchier the better - she has been known to rip bark off the tree just to eat it. As rambunctious as this little girl is, she is one heck of a smarty pants. She picks up on training very quickly and holds onto it with out much of a refresher. After a nice long run with her backpack on and a few minutes of training she settles down for most of the day and is a doll when bed time comes around.

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