Mattea Ann

(Little Miss)

West Jordan, Utah, United States


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Mattea Ann

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Breed: Labrador
Birthday: 2005-01-19 Capricorn
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Weight: 73
Occupation: Chasing the ball day and night.
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chewed the deck and three trees.
Likes: Long walks at the dog park, swimming in ANY body of water, lounging around the house, wrestling with her sister, making new friends, attacking anything with a squeaker in it, FOOD, rawhides, giving sloppy kisses, and car rides as long as all the windows a
Dislikes: The vacuum, broccoli, and getting baths.
About: Mattea is such a sweet girl, always smiling and ready to give lots and LOTS of kisses. She absolutely loves the water unless it's bath time. The ball is her favorite toy of all and she'll destroy anything that squeaks. She's a very opinionated girl, if things don't go her way she will grunt or huff at you. Her favorite tricks are to speak, give high tens and shake. Every night she reminds me that she needs her paw massage and belly scratch before she goes "night night." She also takes care of three kitties and does a great job at making sure nobody is fighting. She's the most relaxed dog until you get out the vacuum when you will find her hiding in the laundry room. She can chew a 10 inch rolled rawhide in 10-15 minutes and I'm pretty sure she's extremely proud of that fact.

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