(Sushi Roll, Old Lady)

Memphis, Tennessee, United States


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Sushi Roll!

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Breed: Toy Shih Tzu
Birthday: 1999-09-14 Virgo
Astrological sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Weight: 15
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Doggy Boss
Naughtyest thing ever done: Pooped in the Floor at the Pet Store
Likes: PEOPLE FOOD, Playing with Toys, Taking a Bath and Getting Blow-Dried, A Good Rubdown and Back Scratch, Barking at her Sister Doggies, Giving Orders to her Sister Doggies, Sleeping.
Dislikes: Going Outside and Missing Something, Doing Something She Doesn't Want to Do.
About: Sushi is the oldest baby of the bunch. She can hang with the younger babies and loves to give orders. She can be sweet if she wants to but she can also be sour. She runs the house! :)

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