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Baltimore, Maryland, United States


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Breed: GShep & Rottie
Birthday: 2010-12-15 Sagittarius
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Weight: 60
Occupation: Destroyer of Worlds, Watch Dog Extraordinaire & Kitty Chaser
Naughtyest thing ever done: Ate Mommy's 2 month old eyeglasses
Likes: Food, treats (esp big cookies, peanut butter on milkbones and chewy bacon flavored treats), ice cubes, ball chasing, tugging, ripping stuffing and squeakers from toys (hence destroyer of worlds), kitty chasing, barking fiercely, kissing children, playing
Dislikes: being brushed, not getting yummies when she begs at the table, her people sleeping in, people in football jerseys (jersey are "yelling shirts"), uninvited guests to her house, mom giving attention to other pets, trash bags
About: Mira is the most awesome god ever. She's mom's emotional support animal and dad's first foray into dog ownership. She is beautiful...people stop us to tell her how pretty she is. She enjoys car rides b/c she loves going for walks, going to gramma's house (3.5 hours away and she's still awesome), her groomer at PetsMart (Summer), and visiting Dr. James (her vet). She once wore a hockey jersey for pictures. She is a great fetcher. She is mom's snuggle buddy. She doesn't like when people cry and will paw them in the face until they stop. She stalks her kitty siblings when they enter the litter box. She talks...A LOT! She steals discarded underwear from the bathroom floor when you get in the shower. Basically she is the best and coolest pup out there...and she knows it.

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