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Breed: Wire Coated Jack Russsel
Birthday: 2002-08-08 Leo
Astrological sign: Leo
Gender: Male
Weight: 30
Occupation: Retired but still moonlights as a toy destroyer and ladies man
Naughtyest thing ever done: Too many to name, but recently pulled my daddy's Texans blanket off the recliner and chewed 3 holes in it, in less than 3 minutes
Likes: Proving his momma wrong by EATING any toy that I buy and thinks he's not going to destroy, anything to do with water, being outside, going to his Meme's, getting his nightly scratchees and rocked to sleep in the recliner.
Dislikes: Squirrels (because he can't catch them), cats, thunder, fireworks, UPS man, garbage trucks, getting caught, stale dog treats, raw broccoli
About: Doc is a giant Jack Russel terrier that has a jaw of steel. I've never seen a dog destroy and EAT so many toys so quickly. He loves anyone who comes IN the house and will let kids treat him like a rag doll. He sneezes when he gets excited and enjoys grooming his goatee in his spare time. He can't wait until his new brother, Brock (a bullmastiff), gets here next week

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