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Jellybean, one tough little cookie!

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Breed: Lab/Pit bull/??? mix
Birthday: 2011-05-01 Taurus
Astrological sign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Weight: 40
Occupation: detective
Naughtyest thing ever done: chewed up the memory foam mattress on my new bed
Likes: Chewing on anything. Wrestling and playing chase or tug-o-war with her best friend Jasper. Getting up as high as she can (dining table, pool table, desk, dresser,....). Destroying anything that remotely resembles a pillow. Sleeping as close as she can po
Dislikes: Being run over by cars. Having anything medically done. Going to the vet, etc. Getting caught on the table or other thing she might be exploring at the moment.
About: I adopted Jellybean while searching for a playmate for my younger dog Jasper. She had been born into a rescue center when her mom was saved. She was about 3 months when I adopted her. She is the nosiest little dog I have ever had. I think she must be part cat. I had her for a week when she got out of the fence and went next door to visit, only to be run over. Both back legs were skinned to the bone and the tire had run over her torso. Amazingly she had nothing broken, but the vet warned us that he may have to remove one of her legs. We religiously cleaned her wounds and changed her bandages daily. Even more amazing, she recovered and within 2 weeks she was running and playing with the other dogs. Eventually she healed completely and today, only a few scars can even be seen. She is truly a tough little cookie! Nothing seems to get her down and she certainly does not take anything off of the bigger dogs. With all the things she does to irritate me, I love her and could not imaging being without her as part of the family.

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