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"TUFF" Scale

"mom come on play with me!"

my boy

playing with his tuffy toy upside down

A few months old

He loves his ice cream!

He sleeps in our shoes all the time

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Breed: Lab/Pit mix
Birthday: 2010-12-29 Capricorn
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Gender: Male
Weight: 60
Occupation: Getting all the attention
Naughtyest thing ever done: Tore down the blinds
Likes: LOVES people, his frisbee, toys, toys and more toys. And cuddling at night
Dislikes: He doesn't like when we eat dinner because that's the only time he's not getting ALL of the attention :-)
About: Chance is just about a year old. He's the happiest dog i've ever had. He'd be lost without his toys...that's all he does all day! He's a wonderful dog and just loves everyone.

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