Coweta, Oklahoma, United States


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When Cowboy was just a baby.

So cute!

Going for a walk.

What a ham!

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Breed: Boxer
Birthday: 2009-12-21 Sagittarius
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Male
Weight: 50
Occupation: To tear and destroy all stuffed toys.
Naughtyest thing ever done: He keeps pooping in the neighbors yard.
Likes: Cowboy likes all toys and everyone/every thing that will play with him.
Dislikes: Cowboy dislikes loud noises and his Gentle Leader.
About: He is the most precious, sweetest puppy ever! Cowboy is very loving but bull headed. He is a bully a bread and only like to do what he wants when he wants to. Most of the time we just look at him and our hearts melt because he is so cute and does such fun stuff.

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