Chai Lei

(Sweet Girl)

Amarillo, A.C.T., United States


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My Sweet Girl,Chai Lei (on left)and Ms JJ(brown dog on right)

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Breed: Colby Pit Bull
Birthday: 2009-01-25 Aquarius
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Weight: 62
Occupation: Taking care of me
Naughtyest thing ever done: Ignored me when I called her to me when we were out on a run and looked at me just before she turned and ran off.
Likes: Sitting in front of my electric fireplace/heater. Sleeping on my bed. Eating ice cream. Going for runs to chase rabbits. LOVES digging up prairie dog holes. Making friends.
Dislikes: Large dogs. Taking her medicine! We have a HUGE problem in getting her medicine down her. She figures out quickly when I am trying to give it to her with hanburger meat,cheese, etc.
About: I got her as a 3 month old and rescued her from a filthy puppy mill. She was rejected by her first owners due to urinary incontinence. The vet said she would outgrow this with her first heat. The problem did lessen but did not go away completely and got worse after she was spayed. Recently the vet feels she may have a birth defect causing the urinary leaking problems. I am hoping a school of vet medicine will take us as a charity case to possibly surgically repair this problem. I am a social security recipient and do not have money for a surgery for me much less my dog. The medicine we are trying to get her to take two times a day is to strengthen the sphincter. But getting her to take the medicine is a hassle;she knows its there and won't eat what's offered. I have to constantly change the method of administration. Chai Lei also has PTSD due to my daughter's rescued pittie having attacked her and we had a hard time breaking them up.Chai suffered numerous bit marks and now is afraid of large dogs. She likes little dogs to play with though. I have purchased so many toys that are supposed to be "tough" but so far haven't found anything that this dog can't tear up in just a few minutes. She gets bored very easily with toys, also. Maybe that's why she tears them up so fast, boredom.

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