(Cal Cal, Princess, Peach, Prin Prin, Cal Bears)

Petaluma, California, United States


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Breed: Jack Russell, Belgian Malinois Mix
Birthday: 2010-10-15 Libra
Astrological sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Weight: 65
Occupation: Destroyer
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chewed all the stuffing out of our couch!
Likes: Peanut Butter, Chews toys until the squeaker comes out. She loves toys with treats in them. She is very good with getting the treats out of toys. She loves a good challenge and something that will keep her busy busy busy!!
Dislikes: She needs something entertaining. She loves toys with treats. She doesn't like to be left by herself so she needs toys that will keep her entertained for hours!
About: Callie loves to destroy hats and furniture, she sneaks kitchen utensils and gets food whenever you leave it out. She loves to destroy all toys and rips them up in hundreds of pieces all over the house! She loves to bask in the sun, run around like crazy, and bark at neighbors! Whenever she has a toy in her mouth, she whips it around as hard as she can! She has teeth like a shark and can get through any toy!

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