(L.V. Love or Velvet Elvis)

Tetonia, Idaho, United States


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Young Elvis

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Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Birthday: 2007-04-15 Aries
Astrological sign: Aries
Gender: Male
Weight: 90
Occupation: Sledding, skijouring, bikejouring and dog bed & toy tester/destroyer.
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chased a moose to exhaustion - lucky he didn't get it from the moose!
Likes: Digging for critters, food, running, peanut butter, skiing, mom's homemade dog treats, sledding, table scraps, playing with his buddy "LULA!", bellowing (which is a really loud Mallie Woo when his kibble is being scooped into his bowl), rough housing.
Dislikes: Loud crashing noises, the vaccuum cleaner, baths, super long car rides when we go on vacation, when my girl Mallies trying to snuggle up with him on his bed, and sharing treats with strange dogs.
About: Elvis likes to play hard and exercise hard. He loves other dogs but sometimes comes off a little too rough and exuberant. He likes getting belly rubs but isn't super affectionate or clingy. He knows most of the mushing commands but in plain english (i.e. right and left instead of gee and haw, etc.) He likes stuffed toys but mainly so he can pull them apart and eat the pieces so we have to be careful.

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