CH Broomhall's Rosetta


Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada


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Breed: Italian Greyhound
Birthday: 2011-11-08 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Weight: 10
Occupation: Show dog, Complete Spazz, Bed Warmer
Naughtyest thing ever done: Peed the bed in her sleep
Likes: Sleeping, doing her crazy dance complete with shrill barks and head bobbing, attacking her mate, cleaning & grooming the rottweilers, snuggling & rubbing on Mom & Dad
Dislikes: Going out to pee in the winter
About: Rosetta is a unique kiddo, super intelligent but in the very weird IG way. She is my only IG who can be allowed off leash in open spaces, as she will always be glued to Mom's hip. My first Iggy, she solidified my love for the breed. The best bed warmer and snuggler ever. She passed on her wonderful quirks & loving temperament to our first IG litter.

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