("Coyote Boy")

Victor, Idaho, United States


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Young Raz

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Breed: Cow dog-Blue Healer & Border Collie
Birthday: 2008-03-20 Pisces
Astrological sign: Pisces
Gender: Male
Weight: 65
Occupation: Herder, wrangler. Just workin' and goin' all the time...
Naughtyest thing ever done: Ate a honda seat as a pup
Likes: Hangin' with his little surrogate sister, Ruby, and chasin'/diggin' mice and voles. Sleepin' next to his surrofate mom, Habina. Goin' to work, any work... The Tuffy Ring...Can't live without it!
Dislikes: Loud tools!
About: Raz gets a lot of comments on his looks. He's very likable and a great companion. Get's along well with others.

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