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Macy and swan

Baby Macy

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Breed: Ridgeback + Weimaraner
Birthday: 2008-09-24 Libra
Astrological sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Weight: 95
Occupation: Queen
Naughtyest thing ever done: She grabbed a can of spray glue and played with it, releasing glue on her, the carpet, the furniture. Quite the mess. Luckily she only got it on her paws and not in her eyes.
Likes: Chewing. Annoying her brother. Chasing squirrels. Flirting with the men in the neighborhood.
Dislikes: taking pills, sharing, not being allowed on the bed
About: Macy is a very sweet and gentle giant. She likes to follow me around the house and be with the family. She LOVES men, perhaps because she was rescued by the vet's husband and he treated her like a queen, while she was waiting for adoption. She is very exuberant.

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