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hazlet, New Jersey, United States


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Jack Bear

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Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Birthday: 2008-11-18 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 95
Occupation: Personal foot and heart warmer and all around best friend.
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chewed the wood trim on the stairs and ripped the carpet off of 4 steps.
Likes: Early morning belly and chest rubs, mid afternoon cuddle time, and a nice cool place to lay his head at night. Jack also loves anything to do with snow, long walks through the neighborhood, peanut butter, bananas, cookie time, and sticks.
Dislikes: Not a fan of firm commands, when I sneeze, being called into the house, and apparently any of my flip flops,
About: Jack is a loveable and cuddly bear of a dog. He always greets people at the door with a toy in his mouth. He needs to be with his people for most of his day, otherwise he gets a little moody and stubborn. He is happiest when his pack is all home together. He's also great with children and loves being with people and other animals his own size.

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