Ace Choco Frehley

Yakima, Washington, United States


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Ace 8 months

Ace (6 weeks) teasing his older brother

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  • I can't help but laugh..this dog is the spitting image of my finn..they could be twins![x]
  • Ace is 2 years now, and he still as funny as can be. My son lets him jump on his bed, but Ace is only happy when he can lay his head on the pillow...he still likes to tease his older brother every chance he him
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Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Birthday: 2010-07-02 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Male
Weight: 62
Occupation: To bother his older brother
Naughtyest thing ever done: destroy my flowers and flower pots
Likes: swim, chase, tug of war, playing with the kids, and playing with his older brother
Dislikes: bath
About: Ace is very loving and very clingy. He loves to destroy toys and chew on my flowers. He is smart and learns really fast. He likes to talk and grown like a lion.

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