King Kong Tut


santa monica, California, United States


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King Kong Tut tug 'o war with Batman

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Breed: Mastiff/shepherd ?
Birthday: 2010-11-01 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 89
Occupation: chasing horses along the fence
Naughtyest thing ever done: stealing a whole pie from the counter top
Likes: stealing the tuggie toys away from the chihuahuas
Dislikes: going out into the smaller back yard . He likes to stay in the 1/2 acre yard and tear up and down the hills chasing the horses
About: Kingee was rescued after the South Central Los Angeles Shelter shoowed him at an event with a scarf on that said "Adopt Me". No one adopted him and they were taking him back in the truck to the shelter to be destroyed. I adopted him and one other, Bella. King Kong Tut LOVES toys and especially Tug o War with other dogs. He smiles whenever he feels shy or guilty. He adjusts his play to the size of the chihuahuas in our pack in order not to hurt them. In other words he plays with them with his head only!

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