Princess Sophie Stevenson


North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


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Sophie doing what she does best :)

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Breed: Pit Bull
Birthday: 2010-08-23 Leo
Astrological sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Weight: 57
Occupation: Destruction
Naughtyest thing ever done: Too many to name... She has chewed on the carpet, my Toms, the window seal, the cabinets, etc
Likes: She likes to sleep, run laps around the house, dig in the backyard, wrestle with her sisters and brother, and most importantly-DESTROYING TOYS!! Sophie's favorite spot to sleep is on her mommy's pillow.
Dislikes: All in all she is a good puppy and there is not much of anything I have found that she dislikes. She is good about going in her kennel, getting bathes, going outside, car rides, etc.
About: Sophie is full of energy, but definitely enjoys napping to catch up on that energy. We also have 3 boxers, one male and two females. She loves wrestling with them and truly believes that she is the strongest. She also believes that she still weighs about 5 pounds as she climbs into my lap every day!

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