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Breed: weimaraner
Birthday: 2010-02-23 Pisces
Astrological sign: Pisces
Gender: Male
Weight: 73
Occupation: ball chasing , cat chasing , just having a good time running!
Naughtyest thing ever done: ate my mom's shoes and her seat and seatbelt in her car, not to mention his crate :) and I ran away trying to make it to the dog park on my own !
Likes: Swimming, Loves peanut butter in his kong, the beach ,sticks, sticks and more sticks, frisbee, my dinosaur , the dog park , my feline roommates Romeo and Stitch, hanging my head out the sunroof or window on car rides. TREATS!
Dislikes: Dislikes aggressive dogs, being put in my kennel run, being alone :(, bath time , getting punished.
About: Nash has a great personailty, is a constant companion as weims are :), he has high energy and needs his exercise daily, he is known at the dog park for exercising the other dogs as he loves for them to chase him, and often gets mistaken for a greyhound because of his fast running abulity.

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