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Naples, Florida, United States


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Breed: Engileh Mastiff
Birthday: 2007-06-30 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Weight: 175
Occupation: to make me smile everyday!
Naughtyest thing ever done: takes the grandkids stuffed toys ,also doesn't share
Likes: She likes to play every day she carries her toys around , she can even go to potty with a toy in her mouth.
Dislikes: does not like to be shut in the bed room when someone comes(I put them in there if they are scared of the dogs) I have french doors with all glass and she pulled the curtains down till she could see what was going on !!!
About: She was a rescue..spent her time in a kennel she has 2 1/2 acers to explore and a nice bed INSIDE to sleep in.I think she likes the sofa the best! A friend of mine siad she must feel like she is at Disney World!

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