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Breed: Mixed
Birthday: 2010-05-04 Taurus
Astrological sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Weight: 65
Occupation: Mommy's buddy
Naughtyest thing ever done: shredded all the christmas boxes
Likes: cuddles, sleeping, chewing(bones, toys, scraps of paper), playing with his sister, destroying toys, getting dirty, licking hands and faces...and feet...and legs....and arms
Dislikes: Having nails trimmed!!! Vaccuums, sharing with his sister
About: Lorcan and his littermate Keeva were adopted from a rescue at 9-10 weeks. They were part of an abandoned litter, and lost the runt of the litter to Parvo (just before we were going to adopt him as well). They are as different as 2 dogs can be. Keeva is very active and athletic and wirey, graceful when she moves. You can always see her think. Lorcan is bigger, but stocky, and has a much lower energy (Hence the nickname Lumpy) - he would be happy to sleep for 22 hours a day, but manages to keep up with Keeva's desire to go out and play in the yard. He is not so smart (took over 1 year to get totally house trained - his sister took less than 1 month), but is sooooo sweet and handsome and is a total cuddle bug.

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