Sterling, Virginia, United States


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Breed: Greyhound
Birthday: 2004-04-02 Aries
Astrological sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Weight: 60
Occupation: Retired Racer
Naughtyest thing ever done: Wandered off to a neighbor's yard sniffing things
Likes: Food, running, sleeping, food, being admired, getting love, showing off how pretty she is at meet and greets, food, bananas, and food
Dislikes: Not much, she's pretty easy going
About: Part chimp, part princess, she's a brilliant, clever girl who loves people. She raced for three years at Daytona and had a nice bell-curve track record. Her racing name was Get Ready Capi. Now she races from the couch to the food bowl every day and is having a happy retirement. She does work part time helping other greyhounds find their retirement homes.

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