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Zig with the tuffy ball- great for the water

I love Tuffy Toys

I love toys


Ziggy as a baby


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  • I am a boxer person but I do love pitbulls and wish the world would judge the owners and not the breed....the owner must be a mean and brutal person for any dog to turn out that way!!!!!
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  • Your Zig-Man looks EXACTLY like my George (red around the eyes and mouth and everything, and his brother looks just like George's mother. Are you sure they are not Pit/German Shepard mix? None-the-less...very cute!
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Breed: Pitbull
Birthday: 2010-02-05 Aquarius
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Weight: 75
Occupation: Destroyer
Naughtyest thing ever done: Peed on my bed; dug up 30 feet of TV cable and pulled it out of the cable peg into the house
Likes: Shredding toys, de-stuffing toys, playing with other dogs, hikes, smelling everything, human babies, treats, belly rubs, hugs, and human friends coming over to play.
Dislikes: Baths and getting no attention.
About: Ziggy came into our lives unexpectedly. Bam, his brother and pack-mate, had a difficult time to the adjustment but now they are best friends. Ziggy is naughty but so cute it is hard to be mad with him. He thinks he deserves the royal treatment all the time. He is spoiled rotten and loves it. He is a great advocate for his breed.

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