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"TUFF" Scale


7 foot vertical- Jumping with Grandpa


I love nature

The boys will share but they really like their own Tuffy Toy

Relaxing and enjoying

Tuffy Toys are even taken to bed

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Breed: PitBull Mix
Birthday: 2004-05-14 Taurus
Astrological sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Weight: 74
Occupation: Works with Special Needs Kids
Naughtyest thing ever done: Opens the trash can lid and pulls things out
Likes: Fetch, Fetch, and more Fetch... chasing squirrels, the couch and cuddling with his family.
Dislikes: Other dogs besides my brother Ziggy
About: I rescued Bam 4 years ago and he has been my constant companion ever since. He is an old soul and I believe he understands English. He is smart, well behaved, and prides himself in how human he is.

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