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Lakewood, Colorado, United States


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Puppy Face

Hurley with a Tuffys Toy

Hurley testing human tug with the A Green Alien

Hurley going in for the snag

Hurley with his stash of tuffy's toys

Hurley holding the A Green Alien in between fetches

Hurley "pointing" at the A Green Alien

Bonnie and Hurley tug the A Green Alien with Mom

Hurley doing more testing on the A Green Alien

Hurley Testing the A Green Alien


Hurley and Bonnie

Hurley sleeping with a toy

Hurley with Pig


Hurley's action shot

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Breed: Smooth Collie Mix
Birthday: 2006-10-31 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 65
Occupation: Guard Dog/ Couch Potato/ Squeaker
Naughtyest thing ever done: Jumped over the Fence
Likes: tennis balls, fetch, fetch with soft toys, swimming,long squeaky yawns, squeaking and whining/ "singing", pacing in the back of the car, sticking his head out of the car window, licking faces, rearing up his back paws and howl/barking while wagging, nudgi
Dislikes: unfamiliar dogs that could be threatening, being in the car and not getting to ride in the lap of a passenger, thunder, startling noises like sneezes, spray bottles, and baths.
About: Hurley is a 3 year old smooth collie mix who puts on a tough face at times, but is generally a large, somewhat wimpy, puppy dog. He is borderline obsessive about fetch, and is very sweet. He makes more noises that just about any other dog, and ranges from grumbles to full on squeaky/howl sounds.

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