Juniper Lynn

(June Bug)

Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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June the goon

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Breed: French Bulldog
Birthday: 2010-08-11 Leo
Astrological sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Weight: 15
Occupation: Being a puppy
Naughtyest thing ever done: Attacked the vacuum, every week
Likes: Toys, chasing, chasing, fetching, running, her big sisters, stealing toys from others, stealing food, food in general, snow, outside, the bathtub, playing in water, being with her mommy, barking, guarding
Dislikes: Being scolded for taking toys or food from others, having to sit still or wait, walking too slowly, returning inside, getting her winter coat on or off, being separated from her mommy
About: June is the most recent addition to our pack. She is going to be a big frenchie and every inch is packed with energetic muscle. In her sleep she clearly dreams of catching frisbees like her big sister Chloe. Although young, she is tough tough tough and always up for a game of some kind.

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