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I know treats were in here

Hardworking dog at rest

another toy gone in 45 minutes

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Breed: Border Collie/Lab mix
Birthday: 2007-10-29 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 68
Occupation: Toy stealing
Naughtyest thing ever done: Ate a couch, lamp & blender
Likes: Daddy, walks, the dog park, rodent chasing, dog herding & chasing, barking, balls, ropes, tearing apart stuffed animals and pillows, getting on the couch when no one is looking and jumping on visitors.
Dislikes: THE VET, the mailman,UPS trucks,fireworks, and thunderstorms.
About: Simon has LOTS of energy and has been known to tear a toy apart in less than 5 minutes. So far his new mighty ball is holding up and we have had it for 3 hours.

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