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Breed: Pitbull/Boston Terrier Mix
Birthday: 2010-07-23 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Male
Weight: 23
Occupation: Full time learning puppy
Naughtyest thing ever done: Ran out the door without permission
Likes: Bones, his little brother, food, playing, tug-o-war
Dislikes: Being stuck in his crate
About: When this guy was 5 weeks old he was bitten and sent to Emergency Care at the Angell Memorial Center in Boston MA for 3 nights and 4 days. Since he was bitten in the head he was put in oxygen treatment for 72 hours due to breathing problems because of several skull fractures, they didnt think this little guy was gonna make it, but he pulled through and now he is a striving little puppy that is growing like a weed! He has learned sit and paw and we are now working on stay.

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