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Midnight Blue Large Dog Bed
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Large Complete Bed includes : 1 Core and 1 Set Of Sheets

Dimensions: About 37" in diameter. (Ideal for Medium to Large sized dogs, under 75 lbs.) Previously known as Size 42

------ (Replacement Sheets And Cores also Available) ----

This is the Most Durable Bed on the market Designed and Tested for the dog that loves to destroy their bed. Not only is the bed made strong, each piece of this bed can be replaced, making it the ultimate bed. If your Dog destroys or soils the sheets, just replace them. If the sheets get dirty, Just wash them. These sheets come completely off ( including the center pad ) so washing your dogs sheets is a breeze and all parts of the bed get clean. The stuffing is in a solid Nylon sleeve and then covered with a nylon Core. If your dog chews the core cover. Just replace the Core cover and reuse the stuffing. If you buy multiple sheet sets you can change the sheets on your dogs bed while you take your time to wash the other set. Because each peice can be replaced, It Truely is the last complete bed you will ever have to buy.

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